Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a quick update

I just stop by for a quick update...

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy, so busy I did not even have had a single day off in over a month! I have been working my regular job at the bakery, the time-share cafe, had some caterings and participated in the Eigengemaakt festival in Rotterdam, which was great fun! Eigengemaakt (homemade) is a festival where home producers can sell their homemade foods.

I had a stand with homemade sweets; a winter brownie, a brownie with rosemary and sea salt, lemon bar, carrot cupcakes and a pear frangipane. It was so nice to meet other people with the same interest in food and to get some really nice feedback on my pastries!

HubStairs, the time-share cafe I share with 5 other women has been a great place to try out some new recipes; I made a variation on the bread in the previous post and it worked out so well! I decided to use rye flour instead of spelt and added 250 grams currants to the existing recipe. The bread was served with goat cheese and homemade tomato jam. I also made loads of other stuff as well, but will share those recipes some other time...

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